Socalled - Peoplewatching

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Peoplewatching - Socalled

Liste des pistes:
1. Everyone Else Must Fail (Feat. Joker, Narcy and Josey Wales)
2. Boyfriend Material (Feat. Jordanna Singer and Narcy)
3. Peoplewatching (Feat. Katie Moore, Pierre Perpall, Kamal Chamkila and Fred Wesley)
4. Never See You Again (Feat. Pierre Perpall, Fred Wesley, Rich Ly and Mike Dubue)
5. Bootycaller (Feat. Josey Wales and Yves Lambert)
6. Dreamin' (Feat. Oliver Jones, Freddie Bunz and C-Rayz Walz)
7. Extra Ordinary
8. Fire on Hutchison Street
9. The Season Rap Mix (Feat. Kokayi and Jaron Freeman-Fox)
10. Curried Soul 2.0

Date de sortie: 28 avril 2015