With deep gratitude, I would like to express my appreciation for your 15 years of unwavering support. Each of you has been a source of inspiration, strength and passion throughout my musical career. Your faithful presence brought every note, every song to life.

— Pirate's heart

It was so fucking romantic (reprise)

Good morning!

My self-titled album is 15 years old. An album that will mark the beginning of the rest of my life. I was 18 at the time, and completely unaware of the changes that were about to occur. An album made in one summer, in the weeks of Montreal's eternal heatwave, when I walked to the studio to seal my destiny.

I found it important to revisit a song that didn't get the attention it should have, for the fifteenth anniversary of this opus.

“It Was Dirty Romantic” is a song inspired by Marie-Helene Poitras' story of the same name, and which tells the story of an exile in Mexico to escape an immeasurable sentence. I gave this song the chance to grow with me, with you, and to write another chapter for it so that it can continue to live.

Thanks to my lifelong sidekick, Renaud Bastien, for helping to create the title. Thanks to Virgile Rattelle for this clip which represents the song well today, in all its poetic capacities and its melancholy.

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